Flexible Coupling

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Brand available: SKF, FAG, THK, INA, URB, RHP, Timken, Koyo, IKO, NSK, NTN

Size Range: 10 mm – 150 mm (0.3937 in. – 5.9055 in.) bore

Flexible Couplings are expertly crafted from machined aluminum and feature a spiral cut design that provides just the right amount of flexibility to allow them to be fitted to two shafts that may not be perfectly aligned. This design helps to reduce any binding effects and ensures a smooth, reliable connection between the shafts.

One of the standout features of our Flexible Couplings is the helical cut that gives them spring-like qualities in the X, Y, and Z linear axis, without affecting the rotational axis. This means that there is no increase in backlash, making them ideal for precision CNC work.


Flexible couplings are also highly effective in reducing vibration and noise, making them a versatile addition to any machinery. They are especially useful in protecting driving and driven shaft members from harmful effects caused by misalignment, sudden shock loads, shaft expansion, and vibrations.
These couplings can be used in a variety of industrial applications Here are a few examples:
1. Machinery
2. Industrial equipment
3. Pumps
4. Compressors
5. Generators
6. Printing presses
7. Conveyor systems
8. Marine applications
9. HVAC systems
10. Mining equipment
10. Robotics
10. Automotive industry
10. Mining equipment
10. Food processing equipment
10. Packaging machinery
10. Textile machinery

Material Carbon Steel
Finishing Polished
Tensile Strength 300-350 MPa
Hardness 50 HRC
Size 2 Inch