Rigid Coupling

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Brand available: SKF, FAG, THK, INA, URB, RHP, Timken, Koyo, IKO, NSK, NTN

Size Range: 10 mm – 150 mm (0.3937 in. – 5.9055 in.) bore

Rigid Coupling is a mechanical device that creates a fixed, permanent connection between two shafts in a straight line, transmitting torque from one shaft to another. It is essential to note that this coupling should only be used when the shafts are precisely in line or held in alignment.If not aligned, torque will transfer to the shafts and bearings, which may lead to premature failure. Unlike other types of couplings, a rigid coupling does not have any flexible element.

These Coupling is available in three main types: sleeve, flanged, and clamped. For commercial shafting, a rigid coupling may be a sleeve with the shafts pressed into each end, or it may be a clamping sleeve. The sleeve on each shaft end may also have an external flange with bolt holes. For large power machines, the couplings are bolted together to hold the shafts rigidly. Therefore, the shafts must be accurately aligned before assembly to ensure maximum efficiency and safety.


Rigid Coupling is expertly crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring a durable and long-lasting performance. It is designed with a clamp-style configuration, which allows for easy installation and removal without having to disassemble the entire system.

The compact design of the coupling also minimizes the space required, making it an ideal solution for applications where space is limited.

Here are a few examples:

1. Pump systems
2. Compressor systems
3. Conveyor systems
4. Power transmission systems

Material Carbon Steel
Finishing Polished
Tensile Strength 300-350 MPa
Hardness 50 HRC
Size 2 Inch